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Expand/Collapse Login and Credentials Login and Credentials
  • To use L²P optimally, we recommend the following configurations:
    • Internet-Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari (limited)
    • JavaScript, Cookies and Pop-ups activated for L²P.
    • Recommended screen resolution: 1280x800 or higher.
    • If some functions are not working or if the design is not optimal, we recommend an update to the newest browser version or an upgrade to the browsers listed above.
    • You may need different plugins to view/edit uploaded files. We recommend Acrobat reader for PDFs and Adobes Flash Player.​
  • Every RWTH-Member has access to L²P via his/her TIM-Account. Your TIM-Username is your initials followed by a 6-digit sequence (For example: ab123456)

    • Students
      • Students receive their TIM-Account when registering for RWTH-Netservices (e.g. email service, Eduroam, RWTHonline, L²P). To do so, open:
        Enter your matriculation number and your activation code. You’ll find both on your first semester print-out you received when immatriculating at RWTH Aachen. Follow the steps on the page. If you have any problems or questions, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk. You can reach them by phone (0241 80-24680) or by
        After you activated your services, you receive your personal TIM credentials and your Password.
    • Employees
      • If having studied at RWTH, employees keep their TIM credentials. If you do not have a TIM account, you will receive one by post at the start of your employment.​
  • As a student at RWTH, you sign up to your courses via RWTHonline. After having been assigned to your course, you automatically get access to the corresponding course room and its materials, exercises etc. The date of assignment can be found on the RWTHonline page. 

    If you cannot sign up via RWTHonline, please contact the lecturers of the course and ask them to add you directly to the course room. 
    If you are external/guest, lecturers can send you an invitation via email that allows you to create yourself a TIM account and get access to the course room in question.

  • If you are using Internet Explorer, please add the Domain „CAMPUS\" in front of your TIM-Account, e.g. instead of ab123456 now CAMPUS\ab123456.

  • You can reset your password in the Selfservice Please follow these steps:

    1. Open
    2. Click Forgot your credentials?
    3. 3. Enter your TIM user ID and click Submit
    Your password is sent to the email address saved in your TIM contact information.

    In case you have also forgotten your TIM user ID, follow these steps:
    1. Open
    2. Click Forgot your credentials?
    3. Click Forgot TIM-User-ID?
    4.  Enter your matriculation number, RWTH-ID or contact email address, and click on Submit.
    Your password is sent to the email address saved in your TIM contact information.
  • Open
  • Log in with your TIM credentials.
  • Go to Accounts and Passwords.
  • Choose Lehr- und Lernportal L²P and click Change password.
  • Enter your old, or alternatively a new password in New password and repeat it in the next line.
  • Sign out and try to log in to L²P. If you still have no access, please contact the L²P-Support
    • In case you are using an iPhone / iPad, Windows Phone or the Internet Explorer, please also pay attention to the section How do I sign in with….
  • Expand/Collapse Mobile access, apps and API Mobile access, apps and API
  • If you are using iOS 7.0.0 or iOS 8.0.0, please perform a software update. There are known errors, which make a login to L²P impossible. These errors were fixed with versions 7.0.3 and 8.0.2 respectively.

  • Similar to the Internet Explorer for desktopPCs and Surface tablets you have to specify the domain "CAMPUS\”. Please write CAMPUS\ in front of your credentials, e.g. CAMPUS\ab123456, or enter CAMPUS at "Domain"s.

  • When you are trying to log in to L²P with Safari on an iPad / iPhone, your browser may ask you for your login details repeatedly. This usually happens on mobile connections (3G, 4G, LTE, …) only. Please use Chrome as a browser instead. When connecting via WLAN (eduroam, Wifi at home, …) this error should not occur.

  • The mobile view of L²P is displayed automatically when you are accessing L²P with a mobile device. Please also pay attention to the section How do I sign in with….

  • For further information, please contact Mr. Vlatko Lukarov.

  • The L²P-APIs allow you to develop your own (mobile) apps expanding the functionality of L²P. You will receive a client-ID allowing you to get the needed files and information out of L²P. Before publishing your app, you have to show the data protection officer what personal data you are processing and get his approval. Your app has to be free of charge. For further information, please contact Mr. Vlatko Lukarov.

  • The RWTH App offers access to news, announcements, learning materials and the shared documents in L²P. In addition, lecturers can use the RWTH App-function Quiz2go for electronic self-tests. Students can use these to check their skill level independently and offline. The RWTH App is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

  • The Android-App MyL2P was designed by RWTH-students in a programming project. It offers nearly full access to the functions of L²P. It is linked in the third party developers section of the L²P App-Store.

  • Usually, you’ll get an error message when trying to download a file in Chrome by simply clicking on the file. Press and hold the link to the file until a menu opens. Choose Save link as… here. Your document should be loading flawlessly now.

  • Expand/Collapse Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
  • The display name in L²P uses the name that was registered at the students registrars‘ office / staff department in the process of matriculation/employment. In case you have several given names, you can choose the given name in SelfService.
    1. Open
    2. Log in with your TIM credentials.
    3. At preferred name, click edit.
    4. Choose your preferred name.
    5. Save your changes by clicking save
    To change any other part of your name, the saved data at the students registrars‘ office / staff department has to be changed. Please contact the competent authority.

    Anyone using L2P will automatically be assigned an email address in the system. This is derived from the identity management of the RWTH. 
    Which address is used depends on the status of the person at RWTH.
    The selection of the e-mail address used for L2P follows this logic:

    ​Student​RWTH-Adress (f.e.​​ ​
    • ​​With TIM-CAMPUS coupling: Institute address
    • Without TIM-CAMPUS coupling: Contact address from the self-service​
    ​Guests​Contact address from the SelfService​
    • WithTIM-CAMPUS coupling: Institute address (for example,
    • ​Without TIM-CAMPUS coupling: RWTH address (for example,
    Your L2P contact address is used for these L2P areas:
    • The address appears as a contact address when someone in the L²P participant list clicks your name.
    • ​If you send out mail from L²P as a "manager", the address will be the recipients of the e-mail as the reply address.
    • ​​​You will receive notifications and confirmation mail from L²P to this address.
    Persons who have been enrolled in the PhD-program and at the same time are employed at RWTH as scientific employees
    send and receive e-mail from L²Pvia the institute's address, as long as the TIM-CAMPUS coupling exists. 
    If the coupling is still missing, it can be created by the administrator of the CAMPUS role "organizational unit"
    become. That is typically the secretariats.

    Please note that the RWTH institute address is used when you use the role "Manager" in a learning room,
    "Tutor" or "Extra participant".
    If you have been added to a learning room via a CAMPUS registration procedure in the role of "student", you will still receive the e-mails for this learning room to your RWTH e-mail address.
    Persons who were only enrolled for doctoral studies, but were not employed at RWTH as scientific employees and therefore do not have a TIM-CAMPUS coupling, send and receive e-mails like all other students to the RWTH address.

  • Your L²P is bound to your TIM account, so your L²P contact email address is your TIM email address. You can change your E-Mail-adress in SelfService. The change affects your whole TIM account. There is no way to change your L²P email address only.

  • Course rooms are accessible and fully functionable for 3 semesters. After that, the course room is set to a read-only state, i.e. you can only read and download the existing content but you cannot upload new content or add users. After 10 semesters, the course rooms and all their content will be deleted.

  • First, please make sure there is a corresponding course room to your course. You’ll find the course room linked in the RWTHonline course data under further information. Please also check if you have signed on for the right course. Sometimes there are several entries for one course. Please finally check in RWTHonline if you have already been assigned to the course as for being booked into the course room automatically you need to sign on for the course and then be assigned to it by the lecturers. You can find the assignment date in the RWTHonline course dates. Please note that at the start of the semester, because of high traffic, it may take longer for your bookings to be displayed in your course overview.

  • If the period for signing on to a course has already ended, or other matters (e.g. wrong study path) make it impossible to register for a course in RWTHonline, please directly contact the lecturers of the course and kindly ask them to add you to their course.

  • If this message is shown to you, the managers haven’t opened the course room yet for students. For more information please contact your lecturers.

  • Sometimes the NTLM Authentication Protocol will not work properly in Firefox/Ice Weasel/Pale Moon on UNIX based OS (Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, etc).

    The effects are that users cannot log in into the L²P platform, because the underlying infrastructure uses NTLM v2 as authentication protocol.


    Here are three simple steps how one can fix this problem.


    First Open Firefox and type about:config in the url bar. Agree that you will be careful and accept the risks.


    In the search bar, type NTLM and you will receive the following results: 


    After this with double-click change the following preferences (the ones in bold):


    If you want to use single-sign on (user credentials for the local OS and the credentials for L²P are the same (something we advise against)):

    You can set the trusted URIs to


    ​After this close the browser, and try again to log in on L²P. 

  • A simple way to synchronize your learning materials with your computer and use them offline is the desktopsoftware Sync-my-L2P. It saves all new learning materials with a single click. Sync-my-L2P has been developed by a former RWTH-student and is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

  • You can get an email about the current changes in your course room via the internal notification function. After activating the notifications, you’ll receive daily summaries about the changes in the course. To activate the notifications, follow these steps:
    1. Click on the letter symbol in the Topbar in the top right corner of the topbar.
    2. On the left side, choose the courses and on the right side the modules you want to receive updates about.
    3. Save your choices by clicking Save Settings.
    You will receive a notification for every chosen module to your L²P contact address.
  • This problem is normally caused by old JavaScript files in your cache. Delete your browser cache (Windows: "STRG"+"F5", Mac: "cmd"+"alt"+"e"), and wait for the page to reload. The inactive buttons should now be clickable again. 

    If you want your cache deleted automatically, you can do so. Please mind that errors may occur on other pages.

    Google Chrome​

    In case the problem still occurs, contact the L²P-Support.

  • The language of the course room is chosen by the lecturer while creating the course room. This will only impact the date format. The navigation uses the default browser language set by the users themselves. Here are instructions on how to change the language in the most common browsers:
    Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox
    Internet Explorer

  • Expand/Collapse Tips and questions for Managers Tips and questions for Managers
  • If you have been identified as the lecturer of a course in the course data in RWTHonline, you’ll be booked automatically into the course room as a Manager. For this to work your CAMPUS directory entry needs to be connected with your TIM account. If this linkage doesn’t exist yet, you can link your accounts through the CAMPUS roll organisation unit. You can find further information about the CAMPUS-TIM linkage and instructions on how to link those on the pages of the IT Center.

  • Course rooms can be aggregated by the L²P administrator. One course room is assigned as the main course room. Only this one is accessible. The other linked sub course rooms are not accessible. The students who have signed on to a sub course room are redirected to the main course room and listed in separate participant lists. The dates of the course rooms are also listed separately in the calendar/course info section. Students only see the dates of the main course room and the sub course room for which they have signed on to in RWTHonline. You can read more in the tutorial Lernräume aggregieren.

  • Course rooms can only be deleted by the L²P administrator. Please contact the L²P-Support.

  • The integration of third party systems into specific course rooms is possible. For more information on this topic, please contact Mr. Vlatko Lukarov.

  • It is possible to make the sectors calendar, announcements, media library, learning materials and hyperlinks globally and anonymously accessible. For more information please contact the L²P-Support.

  • The password for a generic account (15ws-xxxxx) cannot be reset. If you have forgotten the password for this account and need to administrate your course room, please contact the L²P-Support.

  • To get access to L²P you need a TIM account. RWTH members get it in the process of matriculation/employment. Externals (guest speakers, external experts, pupils etc.) can create a TIM-account, if you send them an invitation to your course room.

    1. Open Participants in your course rooom.
    2. Click Add Managers/Tutors/Extra Users. Enter the E-Mails you want to add in the search box. In case you want to add several adresses, enter one per line. You are able to search adresses to a maximum of 50.
    3. Choose the option Send invitation to [E-Mailadress].The invited persons receive an e-mail, where they can sign up for a TIM-account. They are booked automatically to your course room afterwards.
  • While creating your course room, you can choose whether you want an English or a German course room. This decision will only impact the date format. The navigation language uses the default browser language set by the users.

  • The course rooms in the new L²P provide a media library. Here you can save pictures, audio and video. Videos can be uploaded to the library, linked or embedded from streaming sites like YouTube or Vimeo. They can also be played on the page by an embedded player. To make sure that your video can be played on every device, we recommend you to upload your video to a streaming page and embed it. Please make sure that you do not upload copyrighted material. In case you want to upload your videos to the media library, notice the max. file size of 250MB. You have a total of 4GB of space (expanded max. 10 GB). If you want to share big videos or many videos, you should upload them externally and link or embed them. Please also notice the manual on how to upload pictures, videos and audio files.

  • Similar to the old system, you can import most of the content of your old course rooms. Exceptions are emails, surveys, assignments and free text. Discussions can be imported but without the names of the posters. To import content from old course rooms open the settings in the new course room, click “import” in the menu bar, navigate to the course room from which you want to import, and finally choose the modules you want to import. Etests have to be imported seperately in the etest module itself. You can export the question pool and import it in the new new course room or import completetests together with the questions but without user data​.

  • In L²P you can display LaTeX and MathML formulas. To display the formula correctly, you have to enclose it with single (display align) respectively double dollar symbols (display centered). To display the formulas correctly, JavaScript has to be enabled in your browser. If the formulas are not displayed, check if your browser is up-to-date. Please contact the L²P support if the formulas are still not being displayed.

  • The available space for your course room is displayed in the settings. You have 4 GB, which can be expanded to 10 GB on request.

  • The maximum file size is 250 MB.

  • ​​